Property maintenance

We offer wide range of maintenance services including: painting, decorating, plastering, partitioning, carpentry, flooring, commercial cleaning services and general building work.

Craven Properties is a professional, friendly, affordable and punctual maintenance service in Surrey , so please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

We know how to manage property for optimum performance, whilst ensuring smooth running tenancies, and compliance with the various landlords and tenants.

Painting and decorating

Professional painting and decorating services in Surrey. Our painters and decorators have many years of experience.

We undertake any size project with confidence, starting from small painting jobs to renovating a whole property.

Our intention is to give the customer full value for money by providing a reliable service.

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Commercial cleaning services

  • Our cleaning services include Mopping floors, sterilising your phones, keyboards, dusting public workspaces and cleaning windows internally.
  • Also we can clean carpets, outside windows and what we call a full package which is essentially cleaning your whole home/property for a very competitive price.

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    All Services We offer wide range of property services including: painting, decorating, plastering, roofing, partitioning, carpentry, flooring and general building work. We are a professional, friendly, affordable and punctual maintenance [read more]

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