Adding value to your property

If you’re deciding to sell your property and want to add a slight bit of extra value to your property, follow our guide rules and you can have a bit of extra money in your back pocket! See: Property Services.

Fix any structural problems

The most basic, yet important is making sure there are no structural issues and if they are, fix them. Even if you decide to re-decorate, the property valuer will be able to identify any issues you have in an instance, therefore taking a considerable amount off of the asking price.

Below are following issues that may arise in structural terms:

  • Leaking or sagging roof
  • An increase in damp and mould
  • Cracks on walls and roofs
  • Broken/rotting joists
  • Broken or missing roof tiles
  • Collapsing floor

Now you may think this is going to be a hefty blow to your bank account, however it is vital if you’re aiming to sell your property for a fair price. It can also add value to your property. Consult a surveyor and see what your property requires.

Redesign your roof area

Roof’s can look old over time, so before you put your property on the market, why not add extra value and redesign it. This process can be simple, yet amazing results will follow. Rooflights are a great choice for modernising a property – it allows light and style to comprehend with one another to create a sleek design that architects are striving so hard for.

Rooflights can be designed with laminated glass to offer you and future occupant’s total safety and security without compromising on the stunning visuals of the outdoors. A range of rooflights are available at EOS, including opening, access hatch, circular and fixed. View the EOS range today and let them show you how your property can develop.

Revamp the most important room

In any household, the kitchen is the hub of the house; people eat, socialise and work in this area as it is so communal for residents. So, before you pack up and sell, have a quick remodel of the kitchen. If your house hasn’t had any updating in a few years, it is more than likely that you need to do this. Find out more.

Modernise it and watch potential buyers flood in. When remodelling, consider the shape, position and open areas as these are all desirable features for every modern kitchens. Discover the way Craven works.