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Major homes shortage in parts of England

Parts of England are facing a major home shortage according to a report from planning consultants. Some regions of England are facing shortfalls when it comes to delivering new homes over the next five years, with the North West and the South West seeing the least amount of activity on the new homes front.

Home shortage due to lack of new builds

The shortfalls are due to the local authorities’ lack of land to build new homes on according to a planning report from Turley Associates. The report shows that the North West needs around 178,537 homes to meet demand but there is only enough land to build 137,318 homes; a fraction of what is needed.

National Planning Policy Framework states that local authorities must show that they have enough land to meet the housing requirements of the public over a five year period. However, 37 of 40 planning authorities in England have demonstrated that they do not have enough land to build the number of homes needed over the next five years. Lancashire is short by 5,275 and Cumbria is short by 2,934 homes. Cheshire is short by 3,327 and Merseyside is short by 7,380 homes. However, Greater Manchester looks set to see the most shortfalls in terms of housing with 21,303 homes unable to be built.

Only 40% of local authorities in the North West have up to date housing development plans meaning that the state of housing may be uncertain in this region for the next five years. The National Planning Policy Framework aims for sustainable development in housing therefore local authorities will receive planning applications based on the presumptions of the NPPF. This will enable developers to step in and help plan for more housing in the areas which need it most.

These figures show the state of housing demand and supply as of May 2013 and it looks likely that the home shortage will actually be much higher than the data shown in the report. The South West requires 110,000 more homes to meet demand over the next five years but there are only plans for 87,000 new homes in the region. This is a significant 23,000 shortfall in the number of homes needed by locals. Around 16 of the area’s 36 local authorities are experiencing shortfalls. Although the shortfall will likely remain, plans are being brought forward by developers to help meet some of the demand.

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