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Property prices double in five Scottish towns since 2004

According to recent research from the Bank of Scotland property prices in five seaside towns in the Aberdeenshire coast have doubled since 2004 with the average price in Fraserburgh growing from £53,641 to a whopping £128,418. With another twenty coastal towns recording a 50% price increase since 2004 and top performing towns on the Eastern coastline becoming increasingly popular among buyers it is no wonder the situation has caused an East-West divide in Scottish house prices.

The least expensive towns, with an average property price below £100,000, are located in Western Scotland and struggle to compete. The situation also reflects the growing local economy in the East over the same period and as awareness grows among the public so does the demand for properties in such sought after areas leading to an inevitable further increase in prices. In the current economic climate and with inner city crime rates on the increase many people are focusing on finding a better quality of life for their family. With household budgets being stretched and employment growth slow we are gradually turning our attentions away from the more material temptations of life and embracing a more bohemian way of living while appreciating what the simple pleasures of nature and a good diet have to offer.

With a further increase in house prices across others part of the country along with overcrowding in schools, pollution and an increase in the general cost of living, seaside towns are becoming much more attractive places to live. The increase in demand for seaside properties however, may result in further price increases, limiting affordability to particular groups and becoming less available to people on lower salary scales. This turn may further highlight the growth differences, prompting the unavoidable issues common within any divided community.

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