Get Your Free Insulation

Insulation can be one of the most efficient ways of saving money on your energy bills by trapping the warmth inside your home and preventing the cold air to come in.

With insulation there are more than one type of insulation along with a different reasons for using each one, creating many questions for those who need it in their home. Some companies offer grants for free home installations.

Ever Heard of Cavity Wall Insulation?

A cavity wall is the external wall of a house is constructed of two masonry (brick or block) walls, with a cavity space of at least 50mm between, and held together by metal wall ties. For this to be well maintained and suitable for insulation, property maintenance is essential.

Cavity wall insulation is a maintenance free, permanent home improvement solution - once it’s in, you’ll feel the warmth benefits straight away, and start recouping the cost of installation by burning less fuel.

Knowing if your house is suitable for cavity wall insulation can sometimes be difficult.

For definite, the houses that aren’t suitable are as follows:

  • Timber frame
  • Steel frame
  • Random stone

The Importance of Loft insulation

The highest point of your home is notorious for losing the heat within your home. The best way to prevent this is by approving loft insulation. Many loft insulations use glass fibre rolls, with the use of blown fibre materials in certain buildings where access is difficult.

The insulation material is rolled and fitted between the joists and then applied in a second layer across the joists to prevent the ‘cold bridge’ which is created by the ceiling plaster board and each of the joists.

Current building regulations for new and upcoming buildings require a 10 inch amount (or 250mm) of loft insulation a suggestion is that you make 8 inches (or 200mm) your minimum benchmark.