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Property Buyers

Working with dedicated property buyers like Tom Craven is often overlooked as a viable option for people looking to sell their home and move on, yet if you find yourself in this situation and need someone to buy your house - whatever your reasons may be - it may just be the best opportunity for you.

The main advantage of working with a company of this type is that the home will sell a lot faster than you may realise. When you use a property buyer, you get results and don’t have to deal with agent fees. Even if an estate agent was able to sell your home on the first day of listing, the process would not be completed for three or four months, stalling your plans and not giving you the finance that you require. With specialist property buyers like Tom Craven, you can receive a quote in as little as 24 hours.

Nonetheless, experts will oversee the entire process and buy your house, but to a timescale that suits you. If you need it done quickly in order to solve debts or repossession, that’s fine, but it can also be extended over weeks or months if you are moving abroad and need more time to get yourself together.

After all, it’s often demonstrated how sales on the regular market, or through home auctions, will not work for everyone who wants to sell their home. You can take comfort in the fact that with Tom Craven, there will be no hidden fees or commissions - it is a very transparent service and you can move forward with your life in your chosen direction, knowing that the company can buy your house and give you the freedom you need.

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