Roofing Services

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Sometimes it is essential to get your roof replaced or repaired due to excessive wear, but knowing when it is actually time to update your roof can be a little difficult – but if you have a lot of the below criteria, it needs to be done.

Signs on the inside:


  • Points where the roof deck sags
  • Signs of water damage/leaks
  • Any light shining through
  • Dark spots and trails

Signs on the outside:

  • Any cracks, missing shingles or tears
  • Any loose materials
  • Huge amount of shingles in the gutters
  • Any rot, mould or moisture

Roofing maintenance is an important part of keeping your house maintained. Something things get damaged and they need repairing or replacing. ELC Roofing LTD offer specialised roofers who are confident and efficient in what they do.

ELC offer the best quotes in Ipswich and offer the installation of modern copper or zinc flat roof to last up to 25 years.